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  • Marqueses Boutique Hotel  -Cusco Peru
  • Marqueses Boutique Hotel  -Cusco Peru
  • Marqueses Boutique Hotel  -Cusco Peru
  • Marqueses Boutique Hotel  -Cusco Peru

About Marqueses Boutique Hotel Cusco

The MARQUESES Boutique Hotel is a charming hotel, located just one block from the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square of the City of Cusco, Peru). This central location is part of its popularity, close to all of the most important tourist attractions in this the famous capital of The Inca Empire.

Marqueses Hotel is a beautiful Colonial house built at the end of XVI century that has recently been restored and refurbished.

MARQUESES Boutique Hotel is known for its incomparable hospitality and professional service. From the free transfers from the airport on your arrival to your return, you will enjoy a safe visit, wonderful attention and be pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the Andean Hospitality.

Due to the safe and strategic location you are within easy walking distance of the many historical places, museums, restaurants, cultural, artistic and traditional places of the Imperial Inca City.

From the Balcony windows of Calle Garcilaso, you can see The Main Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Here one can also admire, the Jesuit Church “Compania de Jesus”, and remains of monumental Inca walls in many parts of the city. Being located between 3 main plazas provides tranquility, security and a wealth of cultural daily life. On one side of us is the beautiful Plaza “Kusipata” which translates as the plaza of “Joy” complete with fountain and on the other side the Plaza of San Fransisco layed out before the great San Fransisco Cathedral.

MARQUESES Boutique Hotel is characterized by the enchanting style of a Colonial House, built by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1650. It conserves all the style of that time and has been refurbished on designs replicating those found in the original house and records. You will appreciate in the entrance some traditional paintings in coal where old scenes of Cusco are represented. Beautiful passageways conserving traditional features with an amazing ceiling worked in cedar.

In the entrance patio of the hotel stands a decorated fountain which is illuminated each night for one to appreciate its beauty.

The Private Family Chapel with another original painting, the “Virgen of Carmen” standing above the alter completes the traditional wealthy Colonial Family Home .

Combined with famous Cusquenan Art and other pieces you have the opportuninty to learn of some of the symbolic meanings often hidden to the tourist eye in Andean Art. There is also a huge 3 x 2 metre painting of the Nativity as you climb the stairwell to the second floor.

Marqueses Boutique Hotel Cusco
Calle Garcilaso N° 256
Cusco - Peru
Phone (+51 84) 264249
Fax (+51 84) 257819
E-Mail [email protected]
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